Frequently Asked Questions

How does Radar Report collect data?

On a monthly basis, Radar Report processes performance data from restaurants and bars in your market place. This data is submitted straight from the source: chain headquarters, management companies, owners and directly from independent restaurants. The data is checked for accuracy and for adherence to our reporting guidelines.

Can I access individual restaurant data?

We take every precaution to maintain data confidentiality, and strict controls are maintained along each step of the process to ensure that data is handled responsibly. Radar Report reports strictly aggregated data in public forums.

Why do you collect the previous year’s data?

We collect prior year data to calculate year-over-year percentage change and check the accuracy of previously submitted data.

How can I change my Peer Group?

Restaurants may contact us directly. Any request to modify your comp set may be made once a year and must include at least two changes to protect confidentiality.

Why am I being compared to submarket scale or market scale instead of my comp set?

If your comp set did not include sufficient data for reporting, the comparative data will default to the most relevant industry segment available.

What happens if you enter the wrong data or need to make an update?

Simply send us an email, with an attached official document requesting the change.